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Calendar information only available in PDF format.  You will need Adobe Acrobat to read.

 IMPORTANT:  The court calendars posted on this website are for the convenience of the attorneys, parties and the public.  Although we make every effort to insure their accuracy, they are prepared seven to ten days prior to any court appearance.  Cases may be added or dropped from the calendar after the calendar has been posted.  If you have any questions about your court appearance, please contact the court.

Department 1

Department 2 Department 3
No Court Scheduled March 23. 2015 March 23. 2015
March 24. 2015 No Court Scheduled March 24. 2015
March 25. 2015 No Court Scheduled March 25. 2015
March 26. 2015 No Court Scheduled March 26. 2015
March 27. 2015 No Court Scheduled March 27. 2015


Should any question arise regarding calendar information for a given case, please call the Superior Court at: 831.636.4057